Modular DC Electronic loads : Kikusui PLZ334W

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Kikusui PLZ334W
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The PLZ-4W/4WA Series Electronic Loads are designed for integration in test systems for both characteristic and lifetime tests of a variety of DC power sources, such as switching power supplies, primary/secondary batteries, and Fuel Cell stacks.

The PLZ-4W series have six operation modes: Constant Current (CC), Constant Resistance (CR), Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Power (CP), Constant Current + Constant Voltage (CC+CV) and Constant Resistance + Constant Voltage (CR+CV).

The PLZ-4W/WA Series consists of four models plus a booster unit PLZ2004WB. To achieve a large capacity system at low cost, the PLZ1004W can be connected in parallel with up to four booster units for a total power of maximum 9kW /1800A. Moreover, up to 5 units of the same model can be connected in parallel in a Master / Slave configuration.

With a high-performance current control circuit incorporated, the PLZ-4W/Wa series provide highly stable, high-speed operation. All models are standard equipped with GPIB, USB and RS232C Interface for esay remote control and system integration.

The PLZ-164WA accepts DC input voltages of 0V, making it ready for characterization of fuel cells.

  • Fabricantes: Kikusui
  • Modelo: PLZ334W




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