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ENI A150
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Broadband RF Power Amplifier, 150 Watt RF Power

The A150 Broadband RF Power Amplifier is a completely solid-state RF Power Amplifier, capable of providing more than 150 W of linear power and up to 250 W of CW and pulse power from 0.3 to 35MHz. This amplifier operates over its entire frequency range without band switching or other adjustments! A highly linear class A design, will amplify inputs of AM, FM, SSB, Pulse and other complex modulations with minimum distortion. Flat gain response permits the unit to be driven to its full power output by virtually all commercial signal and sweep generators. Relax with the knowledge that the A150 is designed to provide a constant forward power, regardless of output load impedance.

  • All Solid State
  • Flat .3 to 35 MHz
  • 150 Watts Linear Power
  • Up to 250 Watts Pulse and CW
  • Portable
  • Failsafe
  • Works into Any Losd Impedance
  • Fabricantes: ENI
  • Modelo: A150




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