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Agilent 71400C
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Lightwave Signal Analyzer 100kHz-2

Combines a high-performance microwave spectrum analyzer with a wideband, sensitive optical receiver; This system measures modulated light on single-mode optical fibers from 100kHz to 22GHz; Fully functional microwave spectrum analyzer with all the capability of the 71210C; The 70810B Lightwave Receiver Module has a built-in average power meter and attenuator, a wavelength range of 1200nm to 1600nm, a detected modulation bandwidth of 100kHz to 22GHz, and a built-in, 32dB RF amplifier that gives an optical sensitivity of -60dBm in a 10Hz bandwidth, Part of 70000 Modular Measurement System.


001 Add the Agilent 11980A Fiber Optic Interferometer
121 Adds Distribution Amplifier
512 Additional memory for trace and program storage.
  • Fabricantes: Agilent-Keysight
  • Modelo: 71400C




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