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The Keysight 54754A provides two 18-GHz channels that have built-in TDR step generators. The two channels may work in tandem to provide differential or common mode TDR stimulus/response, or may be used independently. Either channel works as a normal oscilloscope vertical system when the TDR/TDT step generators are not operating.

Key Specifications
Two 18 GHz electrical channels with 3.5 mm (m) connectors

* Characteristic rms noise: 0.25 mV (12.4 GHz BW), 0.5 mV (18 GHz BW)
* Maximum input signal: 2 Vdc
* Two built-in step generators configurable for 1-port, 2-port common mode, or 2-port differential TDR or TDT measurements
* Built-in TDR/TDT calibration, user-selectable edge speed, S-Parameters (requires mainframe FW rev. A.06.01 or later. S-parameters requires option 202)

  • 001 Latest rev. of 83480As operati
  • 002 Latest rev. of 54750As operati
  • 003 Delete the demo board
  • 0B1 Extra Manual Set
  • ABJ Japan - Japanese Localization
  • W30 3 Years Return for Repair Service
  • W32 3 Years Return for Calibration Service
  • W34 3 year Customer Return Standard Compliance Calibration Service
  • W50 5 Year Customer Return Repair Service
  • W52 5 Years Return for Calibration Service
  • W54 5 Years Return for Calibration Service
  • Fabricantes: Agilent-Keysight
  • Modelo: 54754A




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