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CV Series Vectorscope/Waveform Monitors NTSC Vectorscope
The CV-1250/1255 are NTSC/PAL vectorscopes which can display the amplitude and phase of the chrominance component of the video (composite video) signal in the form of vectors. An 150 mm high-intensity CRT is used to enable the observation of the hue and saturation of composite video signal based on the NTSC or PAL format. The auto-focusing function makes the observa-tions more accurate and smoother.

* High-intensity CRT (12 kV)
* Auto-focusing
* Scale illumination
* Loop-through configuration
* UNCAL indicator
* Other features
- The Z axis input connector for blanking is provided so the line selection is possible by connecting a waveform monitor (CV-1240 or CV-1245).
-The saturation can be switched to 75% and 100% with a front panel switch.
-The scales for measuring the differential gain and differential phase are provided.
-The setup can be switched to 0% and 7.5% from the front panel (CV-1250 only).
-Two units can be mounted side-by-side in a generally-marketed 19" rack.
-A spot killer is provided to prevent the CRT burn when there is no signal input.
-The supply voltage can be switched on at the rear panel.
  • Fabricantes: TEXIO Kenwood
  • Modelo: CV-1250




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