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Com-Power PC-114
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EMI / EMC radiated emissions test system

Perform Radiated & Conducted EMI pre-compliance testing at your facility up to 1 GHz.

Com-Power PC-114 EMI emissions test system is a solution for evaluating electronics products from 9 kHz - 1 GHz for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It includes all the instruments needed to measure radiated and conducted EMI emissions. The system includes a Near Field Probe kit for troubleshooting board level emissions problems and a Comb Generator for test site verification. This system is ideal for troubleshooting EMI emissions problems from products before taking it to a commercial EMI test lab for full compliance testing. The spectrum analyzer is lightweight, easy to use and portable.

This system includes:

SPA-3000 Spectrum Analyzer
AB-900 Biconical Antenna, 30 MHz - 300 MHz
AL-100 Log Periodic Antenna, 300 MHz - 1000 MHz
PS-400 Near Field Probe Set, 2 E-field probes and 1 H-field probe
CGO-501 or CGO-505 Comb Generator for site verification
PAM-103 Preamplifier, 32 dB Gain, 1-1000 MHz
LIN-115 Line Impedance Stabilization Network, 150 kHz- 30 MHz, 15 Amp
AT-100 Antenna Tripod, 1 - 1.5 meter height adjustable
LIT-153 Transient Limiter for conducted emissions testing
  • Fabricantes: Com Power
  • Modelo: PC-114




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