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Hioki 3504-50
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C HiTester (120 Hz and 1kHz) with GP-IB Binning


C HiTESTERs 3506, 3505, 3504 and 3504-10 measure the C value (electrostatic capacitance) of most types of non-electrolytic capacitors. Models 3506 and 3505 provide high accuracy even when measuring small-value capacitance, and are ideal for small-capacitance internationally-recognized standard measurements requiring 1 kHz, 100 kHz and 1 MHz measurement frequencies. Model 3504 can measure large-capacitance MLCC (multi-layer ceramic capacitors) at their rated voltage, so it is most suitable for 120 Hz and 1 kHz measurements of large-value, non-electrolytic capacitors. All of these C HiTESTERs provide measurements as fast as 2 ms, and comparator and Bin functions for easy integration into automated lines. As an economically priced dedicated tester for integration in automatic systems, Model 3504-10 is the same as the 3504 without the BIN function and GP-IB interface.


* Constant voltage measurement (1V or 500mV)
* Minimum measurement time of 2 ms
* Comparator function BIN function (Max. 14 rank)
* Memory for 99 sets of measurement conditions
* Simple operations that are easy to use plus LED indication
* Trigger-synchronous output function
  • Fabricantes: Hioki
  • Modelo: 3504-50




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