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Rohde Schwarz SMB100A
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The SMB100A is a Signal Generator base unit, cannot be ordered by itself,  and requires a frequency option.

The Rohde & Schwarz SMB100A provides RF characteristics that are exceptional in its class, making it an excellent general-purpose instrument. These excellent RF characteristics plus its compact size and low weight make the instrument ideal for a wide range of different applications. The Rohde & Schwarz SMB100A is thus ideal for use in development, production, and service, or, to put it even simpler: wherever an analog RF signal is required. Its wide frequency range of 9 kHz to 6 GHz covers a large number of crucial RF applications. The SMB100A is thus the perfect choice for applications in the important ISM bands up to 5.7 GHz as well as for EMC applications because of its lower frequency limit of 9 kHz. In addition to pure CW signals, it also provides the most common analog AM and FM/jM modulation modes as standard. Moreover, the Rohde & Schwarz SMB100A can be equipped with an excellent pulse generator and modulator, allowing it to handle pulse applications.

Rohde & Schwarz SMB100A Signal Generator

Frequency rangeR&SSMB-B1019kHz to 1.1GHz
 R&SSMB-B1029kHz to 2.2GHz
 R&SSMB-B1039kHz to 3.2GHz
 R&SSMB-B1069kHz to 6GHz
Setting timeSCPI mode

List mode
<3ms, typ. 1.6ms

<1 ms
Maximum output powerf = 1MHz to 6GHz>+18dBm

up to +25dBm in Overrange mode
Level uncertaintyf = 200kHz to 3GHz<0.5dB
Setting timeSCPI mode

List mode
<2.5ms, typ. 1.2ms

<1 ms
Back-feedf = 1MHz to 1GHz

f = 1GHz to 2GHz

f = 2GHz to 6GHz
50W / 50V

25W / 50V

10W / 50V
Spectral purity  
Nonharmonicscarrier offset > 10kHz, f ≤ 1500MHz<70dBc (typ. 85dBc)
SSB phase noisef = 1GHz

carrier offset = 20kHz

1 Hz measurement bandwidth
<122dBc (typ. 128dBc)
Wideband noiselevel > 5dBm

carrier offset >10MHz

1Hz measurement bandwidth
<142dBc (typ. 152dBc)
Supported modulation modes  
AM standard
AM depth 0 to 100%
FM/φM standard
Maximum FM deviationf > 3GHz16MHz
Maximum φM deviationf > 3GHz160 rad
Pulse optional (R&SSMB-K22 pulse modulator)
Rise/fall time <20ns, typ. 10ns
Minimum pulse widthusing the optional pulse generator

On/off ratio >80dB
Remote control IEC/IEEE bus

Ethernet (TCP/IP)

Peripherals USB

of calibration values
Reference oscillator OCXO
Frequency range 9kHz to 1.1GHz (factory fit)
Frequency range 9kHz to 2.2GHz (Factory fit)
Frequency range 9kHz to 3.2GHz (Factory fit)
Frequency range 9kHz to 6GHz (Factory fit)
DKD(ISO17025) calibration including ISO 9000 calibration (order only
with device)
Pulse Modulator
Pulse Generator
Adapter for casing BW2000 2HU 3/4 D350 + D450, with impact protection
with USB interface, optical
with USB interface us character set
years of calibration coverage based on the R&S recommended
calibration interval - includes test data. The first calibration is
included with product delivery with 1 additional depot calibration(s).
years of depot repair coverage, including re-calibration if necessary to
complete the repair. First year of repair coverage is provided by the
12-month new product warranty.
years of depot repair coverage, including re-calibration if necessary to
complete the repair. First year of repair coverage is provided by the
12-month new product warranty.

  • Fabricantes: Rohde Schwarz
  • Modelo: SMB100A




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